Recapturing Sunday

Recapturing Sunday


There always is a certain feeling I used to get on Sunday. When in the throes of a relationship, there is a certain bliss that comes with a day in which you get to spend the entirety of it with your loved one. Whenever I am not in a relationship, I miss that. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have that stripped away from you because of a violent crime.

The feeling has to be undeniable.

That’s why, since they are gone, you should try to take back Sunday. Make that the day when you remember them and you remember them for all the happy reasons.

Why Sunday? We give ourselves to Monday through Friday so we can have two days of relaxation and bliss on the weekend. As the case with most people, Saturday is spent doing erring. The only day we can give ourselves to our family or close friends is Sunday.

So what do you do? What’s the secret?

(Come closer)

There is no secret.

Becoming yourself, or you 2.0, is a different path to everyone. But I think there are some steps you (The universal you), can take to remember them and grow as a new person.

Think to yourself, “What do I like to do?”  Then go do it!

It may sound like a bad Nike commercial, but it’s true. If you like to fish, go fishing. If you like movies, create a club where people go to movies together. If you like something, go do it and find close friends to do it with you.

Take the trip you always wanted to take with them. I may be ripping off “P.S. I Love You” again, but it is a very good idea. This is a journey to self-discovery. While you can make emotional journeys in your own town, it’s a lot funner (yes, funner) to do it in rome. Or France. Or Disneyworld. Everyone loves Disneyworld.

My best advice to you: create a list. Put on it the things you wanted to do together and the things you know that they wanted to do. Then go do them. It can be a last ode to everything they were. How cool could that be?


Whatever you do, have fun while doing it. That’s the most important thing. Your loved one would want your life to be full of smiles and happiness. Start today.

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