Notes for 3/14/2012

General Notes


When Lori and I were getting ready for a news interview yesterday (which got pushed back to the weekend) she asked me a question that I thought I knew the answer to. The weird part was, the more I began to explain my answer, I realized I don’t have such a grasp on it as I thought I did.

What she asked me was “how do we intend to raise crime awareness in the community?” My first reaction was crime awareness will be raised by the speakers who are present at the event. With them detailing their plans on how to keep the community safe, the priority they place on safety, and offering tips on how to be safer in our own day-to-day. But the more I thought about it, I began to think about how can we do things year round?

Establishing a group, similar to a neighborhood watch, in each community could be a start. If we can get the community to adopt fundamentals of open communication and mutual respect, wouldn’t we live in a better place?

That’s what I got right now, aside from doing community work and proposing legislation.


We will have more pictures from Andrae’s grave next week. We are going to be doing another balloon release for Kobe’s 2nd birthday.


We still are looking for donations! We need to complete our 501c3, cover electric costs, audio equipment and various other costs. If you know anyone that can help us out, send them our way!


Well, that is all the notes I have for the time being. It’s time to think of a feature to write.

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