There is so much stuff!

Confused about what to do with their stuff? Have an auction!

Family fighting over who get's what? Give everyone a set number of points and then use those points as money in a faux auction!

Who gets what? That can be the first thought in alot of families after the loss of someone. It’s not that people greedily grab for every asset, its just that people have memories in possessions.
Once the shock of the tragedy dissipates, and people are ready to get together and sort through the things of your loved one, how do you decide who gets what?
First off, figure out what things only one person want. Once those things are sorted and given to people, pool together the things multiple people want.
This is the fun part. You have an auction. While it may sound a bit weird, it can be a very light-hearted way to go through a delicate situation. I also believe, that if done in a jovial fashion, it can be a fun way to remember your loved one as a group.
What you can do is give everyone a certain amount of points, and then people will bid on each item. What will happen is your family will talk about each item and remember why it was important to them in relation to their loved one.
At the very least, everyone should get something their loved one cherished dearly and no one hogs the sorting process. Hopefully, this will help easing the pain of losing them.


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