Night Journal 3/2/2012

Welcome to the first day on the “Night Journal” feature. What i plan to do is post something nightly and comment on something i’ve read, heard, or something that’s trending on the facebook page.

Tonight i wanted to write about a roughly 15 second clip in tonight’s nightcap. In the 30 seconds to Mars song i posted there is a girl, a couple of minutes in, talking about what the world would be like without any violence. But at the end she says something to the chord of “that could never happen.”

That type of mindset really struck me.

Do we, as a society, really think we can’t have peace on earth? Do we really want to raise our kids with the mindset that they cannot make the world change?

I think that is something we should consider while moving on with this organization. How do we promote a culture of peace? How do we promote a culture of peace, especially in a culture of increasing violence?

What do you think?

3/2/2012 Picture of the night

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