What do you say at the cemetery?

Getting ready to go to the cemetery. Im curious to know, what are the types of things you say to a loved one when you visit a cemetery? I don’t have that many people that I know who have passed. My grandparents on my mom’s side passed when I was a teenager. That was hard, but it doesn’t seem like it was as heartbreaking or sudden as alot of the stories I have heard from the facebook site.
I had a cousin die in a tragic crash. That shook alot of people because he was fairly popular. The thing that sucks is I didn’t know him very well. I’ve been in albuquerque for a very long time and haven’t spent a lot of time with my family members.
That’s why I’m curious about what people say when they go see someone. Any thoughts?

2 responses to “What do you say at the cemetery?

  1. I generally sit beside my parents graves and just talk to them about my daily life, and things that have gone on. I am lucky in the sense that my mothers family is all buried there as well, back at least 4 generations. I talk to my grandfather as well, I miss him terribly, he was quite the charachter.

    I tell Mom and Dad about their grandaughters and their great grandsons, I don’t really have an agenda when I go, whatever pops into my mind, I talk to them about it. There are times I just sit and cry. My childrens father was cremated, so i can’t really talk to him, although I do from day to day anyway.

  2. I used to go more when my son was gone, now it has been 17years and live farther away, i go sometimes, but it is still hard, i clean it up leave flowers, and talk to him a bit, around him there are friends, people that we new buried there also, Just a reminder that life is to short~

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